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The Pike family has been making mattresses in Evansville IN since 1946. It all started when Bernard Pike and his business partner Hank Metzger decided to open a mattress factory. Having no experience making mattresses they did the only logical thing... they bought up a factory out of Waterbury, CT and moved the entire thing up to Evansville, IN. Now that they had the machinery they were ready to open Superior Mattress. The only problem was that they didn't know how to make mattresses. Thankfully Bernard's nephew Charlie Pike had worked in a mattress factory before and was able to help. With Charlie and his wife Ginny's help they were able to grow their mattress business with great success. The name "Superior Mattress" is still known in our area for its quality and comfort. Eventually Charlie and Ginny took over the company growing the wholesale business along with their son, Steve and his wife Kim, to cover stores in 13 states.  By the end of the  80s  Charlie and Ginny were ready to retire to a slower pace. As Steve and Kim Pike took over they chose to close the wholesale and instead only manufacture and sell to the public. They successfully ran Mattress Factory Showroom for over 20 years. With the help of Steve's cousin Alice Pike, the family decided to re-open their wholesale line and rebrand a new retail line. So in 2014 they closed Mattress Factory Showroom and opened Pike's Mattress - Factory and Showroom as the retail Division and KIMALCO Mattress as the wholesale division of KIMALCO Inc.  

A note from the Pike family: At Pike's we are proud to be a Christian Family Business. That means we are Christians first, a family second, and a business third. As followers of Christ we are not here to push our faith on others but we strive to set an example by applying our christian beliefs on how we work and live our lives. We proudly pray with our co-workers and even our customers. The Bible commands us to work as unto the Lord. So in everything we do we do for the Glory of God and our business is no different.  We make no apologies for our faith. We are proud to be followers of Christ Jesus.  

 - Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. - 

​Matthew 11:28