Did you know that your purchase at Pike's Mattress goes towards our give back project... The Garvin Foundation. The Garvin Foundation is focused on waterfowl and animal Rescue, Rehab and Retirement. It started as just a goose rescue and has grown from there. The Garvin Foundation is primarily focused on Rescuing Geese and Ducks and getting them the care they need. But it has grown to encompass so much more. Giving a Blind Kitten a safe place, caring for a senior rescue dog that was abused for the first half of her life, and taking in a senior cat that would have been put down at the animal shelter because his owner couldn't keep him. The mission of the foundation stays focused primarily on rescuing Geese and Ducks but has expanded to help as many animals as we can. For more about the goose rescues and rehabs check out www.TheGarvinFoundation.org or follow the foundation on Facebook at @TheGarvinFoundation

This week only we are marking all our queen sets down to special pricing. Stop in our showroom and see the savings for yourself. 

Pike's Mattress Gives back with The Garvin Foundation

Queen sets on sale. 

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